Follow Our Culture Using Pranav Tamil Calendars

Follow Our Culture Using Pranav Tamil Calendars

Hi all.., Today in this post I am going to explain you in detail about Tamil Calendars- Buy Tamil Calendars Online @ Pranavcalendars.Com. You all already know that Tamils are the first ones those are the first ancestors in this world. I am proud to say that Even I am a Tamizhan.  To prove this fact Tamils have many centuries old histories, Idhikasa like Ramayanam and Mahabharata. And the Age-old stories of our Tamil gods like Muruga, Shiva, Vishnu and Goddesses like Shakthi, Maha Lakshmi, Saraswathi which we are using till now and teaching our children to keep up the moral values said in those stories throughout their life. Like Old Tamil King Harichandra used not to tell lie even if he is likely to lose his own wife and son, he was stubborn in his policy of not telling lie. Like this so many moral values, we Tamils have in our history. Tamil Panjangam was followed by our ancestors in all their events starting from auspicious events till fixing the wartime. It is that accurate.

Pranav Calendars Which prints Tamil Calendars where all the data are purely taken from Tamil Panjangam. It provides, Nalla Neram, Rasi Palan, Muhoortham, Gowri Nall Neram, Palli Vizhum Palan, Parikarangal, Kuligai, Ragu, Kedhu, Amavasai, Pournami and all the things which are mingled in Tamil culture. We Tamils still have and follow these things in our lives and educate our children also to keep up the same.

Buy Tamil Calendars Online says Pranav Calendars are the best in providing this exclusive information than others. Without Tamil Calendars none of us can survive in Tamil Society. Because we Know the value of Our culture and we give importance to our celebrations. There are some celebrations that are done only by Tamil People. They are Thaipusam which falls in the 10th month of Tamil Year which is a celebration of Lord Muruga, Puthandu which Means Tamil New Year Falls on April- 4th Month of English calendar, Karthigai Theepam, Soorasamharam, Masi Magam, Vaikunda Aekadhasi, Panguni Uthram, Avani Avittam, Chitra Pournami and Hanumanth Jayanthi. Each festival has a big story of some god or goddess behind it. Pranav Tamil Calendars are accurate in showing this information in their Calendars. Call @ 84899 28773 to make your order with Pranav calendars, surf @ to know more about Buy Tamil Calendars Online.


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