One Stop Destination For All Your Calendar Needs

One Stop Destination For All Your Calendar Needs

One use Calendar not only to see the date and auspicious days and time but also use them to promote their business. The people who own medium and small level companies are following these tactics to advertise their business, products and services using calendars at the every year end. Calendars are an advertising tool that cost cheaper spreads widely among the people. Companies prefer Calendars for the above-said reason. Let us see about Tamil Calendars 2019 in this article. Tamil calendar has 12 months in which Chithirai the first month falls on mid of April to Mid of May, and Vaikasi, Aani, Aadi, Avani, Purattasi, Aipasi, Karthigai, Margazhi, Thai, Maasi, Panguni falls on Mid-May to Mid-June, Mid-June to Mid July, Mid-July to Mid-august, Mid-August to Mid-September, Mid-September to Mid-October, Mid-October to Mid- November, Mid- November to Mid-December, Mid-December to Mid-January, Mid-January to Mid-February, Mid-February to Mid-March, Mid-March to Mid-April respectively. Tamil Calendars 2019 is available at Pranav Calendars which is located in #7, Majanakara Street, Madurai 625001.

In Pranav Tamil calendars Festivals that are celebrated by Tamizhans are highlighted in bold texts. In Tamil calendars, Seasons are mentioned as Ilavenil, Mudhuvenil, Karkalam, Kulir kalam, Munpanikalam, Pinpani kalam which represents spring, summer, rainy, autumn, Early winter, Late Winter seasons respectively. 2019 is a Vilambi Varudam according to Tamil People. Festivals that are greatly celebrated by Tamil people are Thai Pongal, Chitra Pournami, Varusa Pirappu, Vaikaasi Vishaagam, Aadi Amavasai, Thirukaarhtigai, Panguni Utthiram. Astrology and Tamil Calendars are interrelated things in Tamil people’s life. Ancestors of Tamil people have designed the calendars, days, months everything based on the planets and its movements. Even though we are not aware much about those deep things, using Tamil calendars we are able to follow the things which our forefathers used.

Being the legend in calendar business, Pranav calendars has successfully completed 16 years by this year. You can order Daily calendars, Monthly Calendars, Table Calendars with a planner, apple Calendars, Die cutting Calendars and much more at Pranav calendars. Contact them @ 84899 28773  explore about Tamil Calendars 2019 @


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